Ways to Style Brass Jewelry in Everyday life

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How to prevent Brass Jewelry from Tarnishing?

Brass is a metal that gives you a gleaming shine, just like gold. Brass has a nature that is quite versatile and is nowadays used in the making of beautiful jewels for beautifying yourself and always leaving a gleaming effect wherever you go. Brass that appears like gold, is popular among many as it is an affordable metal and durable at the same time. You will be able to avail of handmade brass jewelry online through numerous platforms.

Most popularly, brass is used in the making of jewelry, which can be worn in different styles with numerous clothing outfits that will make you look trendy and fashionable. Brass gives a luxurious and artistic appeal as it does not compromise with the current fashion and trends. Brass jewels have evolved over the years to match up with the ongoing fashion trends, and every design of the brass jewel is unique in itself because of the special procedure that is involved in making the brass jewelry.

When it comes to jewelry made up of brass, that does not mean brass jewelry is confined to just a necklace, but you may also find a collection of beautiful ornaments for adorning your hands, such as rings, bangles, and jewelry for your ears such as earrings, ear cuffs and other jewelry for accessorizing yourself with every outfit, may it be daily worn or an outfit for the special party If marriage.

Let’s have a look at the points we can keep in mind while styling with brass jewels:

Match the jewelry tone with your skin tone to make sure it suits you

When it comes to brass jewelry, there are a lot of options available, so make a wise choice. Especially if your skin is warm-toned, colors like yellow or rose-gold will suit you.

Why not try out different jewelry tones simultaneously

If you feel that all the jewelry tones being the same makes you look like it’s ‘too coordinated.’ Need not worry and feel free to experiment with different jewelry tones to create a mix that works out for you.

Pair your brass jewelry with the right color of the outfit

There are many women out there who wear jewelry that does not look well-coordinated with their outfit. So, you should plan your look thoughtfully while experimenting with different colors. Also, try to avoid wearing loud pieces of jewelry if your outfit has a busy print.

You can start making a collection of your jewelry for casual as well as special days by buying handmade designer jewelry online.

Avoid the biggest mistake with your jewelry! Don’t let it tarnish.

Brass, just like other metals, starts tarnishing but only when it comes to the exposure of oxygen. So, it is very important for you to prevent it from tarnishing, so that it shines as new when you wear it out. So, here you may find the exact procedure of how you can keep your brass jewelry shining.

You only need to follow these three simple and easy steps for keeping your brass ornaments as new as it was at the time of purchase. All three steps should be performed without compromising your comfort and ease.

First of all, you are required to apply a little bit of the thinner of the paint with the help of any soft cloth. Then try rubbing the tinner over the brass metal for the removal of the layer existing on the surface of the metal. Leave your jewelry pieces overnight to dry out. Then, polish the surface of the brass metal with the help of salt and the juice of the lime. Then you have to clean the surface of the brass with the help of any soap and water, which will provide the brass metal with a shiny look. The next step is the application of a polyurethane coat on the brass metal’s surface for only two hours. Then, you need to apply the coating of sealer in four coats. After the sealer is applied to the brass metal, you have to leave it to dry out properly for 24 hours before you put your hands on it and dry out to touch or move.

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Above mentioned were how you could style your brass jewelry and de tarnishes it properly under your surveillance.


When we start looking at the changing time, we always demand the jewelry that goes with the trend and helps us look mesmerizing every time we accessorize our outfits with the jewelry. Brass has always proven to be one of the finest metals that give us a look that should be adored and accepted by the current fashion scenario but also with health benefits by not only helping improve our health not only internally but also externally.