Ways to Keep your Artificial Jewellery New and Lustrous

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Jewellery is every woman’s passion and favourite. Gone are the conventional days when by jewellery everyone referred to gold, silver, and platinum, studded with precious stones. Nowadays, style and trends have changed and evolved and the drift is towards outstanding artificial jewellery. They look stunning and stylish and the plethora of designs and cuts make them go flawlessly with all kinds of attire. They are less costly than original gold or silver ones and look equally or even more beautiful and trendy than the traditional ones. From bridal jewellery to modern and western style ones; artificial jewelleries are of various kinds. But what is more crucial and important to know is the right process to store and keep the jewellery pieces so that they look bright, glossy, and shimmering as new.


It is safe and secured to wear artificial jewellery. There is no scope of theft, robbery, or any similar mishap. Even if they have been stolen, the financial loss is of not much value and it is easy to buy another one possibly. They are inexpensive so women generally possess many. So even if a few pieces are lost, one can wear other pieces from the wardrobe. If any piece is broken or badly tangled or if any stone has come out and is irreparable; you can easily discard it without taking the hassle of fixing it and buy a fresh new piece.


The popularity of artificial or plated jewellery has increased as, unlike gold ones they are highly affordable without compromising on the designs. Wearing stylish ornaments enhances the dignity and aura of the person’s manifold. Artificial ornaments are usually plated and coated and require a lot of care and maintenance. Keeping them unorganized and scattered is not at all a good option. Here are some of the important tips and hacks to maintain artificial jewellery and to retain its shine and polish.

mandaya choker Keep the jewellery away from water and chemicals

Regular use of artificial jewellery is okay but make sure you keep it away from water and chemicals like perfumes and sanitizers. It is not advised to take bath wearing those or spraying sanitizers, body mists, lotions, creams, and perfumes on them. Use all these beauty products and then wear the jewelry. When these pieces of jewelry come in contact with water frequently, it loses its colour, plating, and the shine eventually. Furthermore, never wear this jewellery while going to the pool, or the spa, gym, and sauna as the same damage can occur. It is essential to keep the pieces dry and this is the trick to retain the luster. Ideally, this jewellery should be worn last and should be taken out first to ensure its luster and shine.

 Proper Storage is the Mantra

It is a standard norm that when you are not using fashion jewellery, it is important to store that in the box. The ideal and most recommended way to store these pieces of jewelry is to keep them separately, wrapped in velvet pouches or potli, in eye-glass fabric or anti-tarnish paper, or in wooden boxes. Storing separately prevents unnecessary tangling and twisting and breakages. Necklaces can also be hung to avoid tangling. You can also store the jewellery wrapped in shoe boxes or cardboard boxes and can store the chain necklaces, wristbands, and anklets in drinking straws. Ideally, airtight boxes or zip lock containers are the best storage options for artificial or fashion jewelry. 

cuff Organization

In the case of artificial fashion jewelry, one must organize them properly. The earrings should be kept together in pillboxes, where they will be easy to find. The bangles should be kept in holders and the necklaces and anklets and wristlets in long boxes. It is very important to find the right piece while dressing up and this way of organization helps to find everything peacefully.

 The Right Way of Cleaning

Cleaning the jewelry before storing them is a prime task. If you are wearing it for a day-long; it may collect dust, dirt, and other pollutants that may ruin the colour and tarnish it. Wiping off with dry tissue or dry towel is a must and ensure no sweat or dust is there. To deep clean, one must use polishing cream once a week. This will also help to retain the shine for a long. Typically use a toothbrush to clean the stones, edges, and back of the pieces. The bristles of the brush will take out all the hidden dust and impurities.

 Polishing Regime

To ensure the jewelry retain their shine and luster, the pieces need to be polished at home or sent for polishing to the jewelers. Polishing with polishing and anti-tarnishing cream will keep the shine as is. The jewelers also have certain lotions and liquids that help to hold the shimmer as is.


Artificial fashion jewellery should be preserved with utmost care to enhance their lifespan, retain their colour, setting, and shine. Adhering to the right form of cleaning and storage makes the pieces glow and shimmer like new.