Jewelry Manufacturing

Artificial jewellery hand-crafted with quality and excellence

A lot goes into the creation of a piece of jewellery that catches the eye, right from the birth of the design idea to the momentous reveal of the finished and fully realized article of jewelry. Over the course of this journey of creation, the design may evolve.

Jewelry designers unanimously face the problem of not finding a trustworthy and compatible manufacturing partner to craft their jewelry design to fruition. Apart from creating show-stopping jewelry pieces, Celia Palathinkal Jewelry provides a jewelry manufacturing service for designs developed by other designers and jewelry designing companies. Each of the finished jewelry pieces that are created is also instilled with that mark of unmatched quality and experienced craftsmanship. Jewelry that is custom-made for the client companies may not have the Celia Palathinkal brand name, but it certainly upholds everything the brand represents.

Most designers are skeptical when it comes to handing over their prized jewelry designs to a manufacturer but the manufacturing wing of Celia Palathinkal Jewelry eases the worries a designer faces. Read on to find out how Celia Palathinkal Jewelry delivers the best and most trusted output for jewelry designing companies and other designers.

  • Ethical practice

Celia Palathinkal Jewelry is well versed in the process of manufacturing an intricate design while staying true to the designer’s vision and completes the entire production process based on mutual trust. The designers or the client companies can be certain of the fact that Celia Palathinkal Jewelry will produce the best outcome and will ensure the protection of the design from plagiarism by putting in place a binding confidential agreement. The origin of the design concept is valued and respected, and we handle it very carefully. Celia Palathinkal Jewelry goes to a great length to ensure that the designers’ ideas come through in every piece that comes out of the production unit.

  • Trusted name

Having created a mark in the realm of jewelry design, each piece of jewelry crafted in the production unit managed by Celia Palathinkal Jewelry comes with an assurance of reliability and excellent quality. We use ethically sourced materials and the client company can completely rely on our jewelry manufacturers to bring their jewelry designs to life, aesthetically, and with a superior standard. What makes the production and manufacturing wing of Celia Palathinkal Jewelry unique is the evident expertise, in-depth knowledge of the current trends in the market, and pure passion for the art of jewelry making. Being a designer herself, Celia Palathinkal makes sure the designer’s idea lives on in the final product and is given a stamp of trust that never wavers.

  • Prompt and efficient service

When the client company or designer gives their design for production at Celia Palathinkal Jewelry, they can completely trust that the result will be more than satisfactory. Efficiency and promptness are two core values that act as a driving force taking into consideration all aspects that form the process. Each design handed over to the production unit at Celia Palathinkal Jewelry is treated with the utmost care and attention. Keeping in mind the fast dynamics of the jewelry market, Celia Palathinkal Jewelry meets the client companies’ expectations and more often exceeds them.

  • Detail-oriented craftsmanship

Detail-oriented artificial jewellery manufacturers are always well-regarded. The process of imitation jewellery manufacturing requires an eye for detail and an aesthetic sensibility that mirrors that of the designer. These aspects are key to sculpting and creating a piece of jewelry that exudes joy. Celia Palathinkal Jewelry is well-known for its ornate design details and the noteworthy level of craftsmanship. Every design given for production at Celia Palathinkal Jewelry is carefully viewed and understood from every angle of the design and is then brought to life by expert craftsmen with an ample amount of knowledge and experience in the art of jewelry manufacturing. Every detail is reviewed in detail to ensure that it is true to the original design.

  • Open communication and involvement

Although a piece of jewelry is firstborn in the mind of the designer it shifts hands and minds when it is handed over to the artificial jewelry manufacturer. Designers and client companies tend to experience apprehension and uncertainty until the final product finds its way back into their own hands. The gap in communication between the manufacturer and the designers can create an altered final piece of jewelry, due to limited involvement of the designers in the process of jewelry manufacturing. After having experienced this firsthand in her own early years of jewellery manufacturing, Celia Palathinkal makes it a point to involve the designers in the entirety of the process and garners their valuable feedback as well. The designers and the client companies are given access to every step of the production process and are never made to feel left out.


Celia Palathinkal Jewelry finds absolute joy in giving life to the designs of client companies and other designers by providing a safe and reliable platform to bring forth their vision. Built on a solid foundation of trust, understanding, and expertise, Celia Palathinkal Jewelry is a wholesale imitation jewellery supplier that continues to put designs and dreams together to craft jewelry that speaks for itself.