How To Guide: Ways to Store/Clean Jewelry

store and clean jewelry

Jewelry has the inevitable power to enhance your entire look and make heads turn, wherever you go. Nowadays, jewelry makes much more impact than the clothes you wear. Besides, who doesn’t love to step up their style game with some unique brass and silver pieces? Brass and silver jewelry being a popular choice for those who aim to achieve style and class, are known for its shine and lustre. With conscious care and protection, you can keep them that way for a very long time and continue flaunting their beauty as much you like. Read on to find out how you can clean and store brass and silver jewelry so that they always keep shining.

Polish to shine

Sometimes all your brass and silver jewelry needs is a little scrub and polish to spruce it up. Brass and silver jewelry, much like jewelry made out of any other material, is susceptible to daily wear and tear which causes it to start tarnishing. To prevent this and to restore your favourite jewelry to its original state you can use a good quality jewelry polishing cloth to gently polish the surface. You can also invest in a commercial jewelry cleaning liquid, specific for brass and silver, and wipe your jewelry to bring out the authentic glimmer. You could also use a toothbrush with soft bristles to gently brush off any dirt and grime.

Keep it boxed up

Brass and silver jewelry make for great style statements and are wonderful additions to any attire, but the longevity of your jewelry’s beauty depends on how you store it. Jewelry made out of brass and silver tends to suffer from the daily wear and tear and starts to tarnish with prolonged contact with water, air, oils, humidity .etc. You must ensure that, after the usage of your brass and silver accessories, they are placed in air-tight boxes so that no amount of moisture seeps through. A jewelry box with a tight-fitted lid or a plastic zip-top bag is the preferred choice to store away your jewelry safe when not in use.

A touch of DIY magic

There are quite a few DIY home remedies in existence that guarantees to replenish your silver and brass jewelry. A commonly used technique is giving your jewelry a good scrub with warm water and soap or soaking them for some time, to reveal sparkling results. Baking soda is also a widely used natural remedy to clean brass and silver jewelry in a fast and effective manner. Whatever remedy you choose, be sure to clean towards the natural grain of the metal and not against it. Also, remember to use a soft brush to avoid scratch marks on the surface and be sure to dry the jewelry promptly after cleaning and store them in air-tight boxes to prevent any damage or tarnish.

With a little love and care, your brass and silver jewelry will thrive and you will never have to worry about your favourite jewelry losing its shine.

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