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Celia Palathinkal

Minimal. Contemporary. Emotive.

These are some of the most fitting adjectives that embody the creations of Celia Palathinkal. Both the name of the creator and the brand itself, Celia Palathinkal Jewelry is a perfect representation of the woman that adorns it. Celia crafts each piece as an ode to her innate love for jewelry and the process of creating pieces of wearable art. Made with the modern woman in mind, Celia’s jewelry is a paradox of drawing attention without being too loud and making a statement in the most subtle manner.

Having mastered fashion and accessories design at NIFT Chennai, Celia’s designs reflect her expertise and artistic flair. Each article of jewelry is executed to perfection using mainly brass and silver and is coated with gold and attention to detail.

The tranquil beauty of Kerala and nature, the geometry in architecture, and the simplicity hidden in everyday objects are just a few of the elements that lend the inspiration to creating masterpieces that are timeless and a must-have for the woman of today. Celia believes in embracing modernity and minimalism while retaining authenticity with a gentle nod to the rich heritage, traditions, and cultures. The intermingling of the old and new, the bold and the classic is evident in the jewelry made under the name – Celia Palathinkal.

Aesthetic and contemporary, Celia’s jewelry is interpretive and gives the wearer a riot of possibilities when it comes to the styling. Artistic expression and individuality radiate in each piece and exudes uniqueness that makes them, and the wearer of Celia’s designs, stand out in a crowd. Celia Palathinkal jewelry is also a celebration of being distinctive and one-of-a-kind. A blend of modern simplicity and traditional touches, the jewelry is the statement piece you long for.

Commencing her journey into the world of jewelry design from Cochin, Celia Palathinkal designs have already found a prominent place in the hearts of many. Her unique take on jewelry design and her untethered desire to create extraordinary pieces have gained her an avid clientele and she has also been a part of several exhibitions and shows all around the country. Although Celia’s creations have acquired more popularity and continue to do so, her dedication and passion for the craft of jewelry making remain true to the origin. Jewelry has been rethought and redefined in every manner with every Celia Palathinkal design and is no more a mere addition to a look but is a statement in itself.

Celia continues her quest to bring forth new ideas and elegance in the form of her designs and is looking forward to creating the next intriguing piece. Capturing stories and glimpses of nature and other muses, Celia Palathinkal jewelry is forever inspired and inspires the beholder as well. Celia plans to share her love for minimal, statement jewelry to every corner of the world and wants to familiarize people everywhere to her distinguished designs and new-age perspective of accessorizing. Our website brings to you Celia Palathinkal collections that represent style, character, and an attitude that is original yet completely unique. So, go on and find pieces that evoke something new in you.

Key Features

Easy To Use
Brass is easy to care for on a routine basis. It does not break easily as it isnt a brittlle metal
The materials involved in a handmade piece are of stellar quality. Handmade materials are sourced from reputable suppliers and Nickel free
Simply Beautiful
There is a huge value in supporting local from a sustainable standpoint. Artisans and designers infuse love and energy into each piece of work.
Carefully Handcrafted
All CP jewelry is handmade with utmost care. When you wear handcrafted jewelry you are part of the story the maker or artisan is telling through the jewelry. Once the design is done it can take several weeks to make a single piece of jewelry.
Makers and artisans can only a create finite number of pieces. Owning a piece of handcrafted jewelry means you likely have a limited edition which gives you a sense of exclusivity
Smaller scale production is almost always higher quality because the ability to trackand control the process from start to finish is inherent in the making process