5 Things About Handmade Jewellery You Must Know

handmade jewelry

Handmade jewellery is a part of every women’s jewellery case. It could be jewellery that was handed down by her mother, a style that you would carry all the time or the one you picked up on holiday. Either way, you will have at least one piece of handmade jewellery. The personal touch and love that designers and artisans add in their work is visible in their masterpieces that they design. Below are 5 things you did not know about handmade jewellery.

1. Handcrafted with Love

We all know every handmade craft is precious and unique unlike the ones made in machine. machine-made products are perfect, but you cannot find exclusivity there. Artisans and makers exchange their ideas, knowledge, and experience while making every single piece of jewellery for their collection. Each piece has a particular story behind it which is unusual in itself. The jewelry designer is supporting local artisans in their community and creating a sustainable ecosystem for these craftsmen. In reality, you are the only person with this particular piece of jewellery that was handmade with love.

2. Materials

Materials involved with handmade piece creation are of stellar quality. The materials are sourced ethically which makes it expensive, but it is worth it. It is difficult to regulate or even know what piece of materials are used during mass production as different materials can be replaced for a similar look and feel of the products. Handmade jewelry materials are sourced from well-known suppliers.

3. Making Process

The maker holds a remarkably close relationship with every single piece or design they create; each handmade piece has a different story behind it. Each artist holds a different story behind a jewelry creation just like the maker. The design process is a key value that is inherent in every piece, this also helps the maker develop and explore their pieces during the process.

4. No Mass Production

Handmade jewellery is defined as jewellery “made by an artisans’ hands”.  Each of the pieces are soldered, carved, sawed, and shaped with limited use of machinery. Hence a lot of time and effort goes into the making a single piece go jewellery. The jewellery designer and artisan infuse every piece with dedication and love.

5. Value for time

Handmade jewelry as mentioned earlier is made by “the artisans’ hands”. Therefore, the jewellery making process involves time and dedication by the artisans. There is limited machinery involved in small scale production which results in higher “quality” compared to large scale production that is focused on “quantity”. Always remember that Quality always wins over Quantity.

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